iProfile™ is a Managed Asset Program offering comprehensive and tailored investment management for high net worth investors. Using sound and proven asset allocation strategies, your investments are diversified across a range of asset classes and management styles - with each manager being selected for their proven ability with a particular asset class.

This attention to asset allocation and manager selection aims to maximize your portfolio's returns, while managing volatility. Be assured, whether you are a conservative or an aggressive investor, your iProfile portfolio is tailored to meet your investment objectives.


Questions and Answers:

Q. How much is the minimum initial investment?

A. The minimum initial investment in iProfile is set at $250,000. However, you do not have to meet this threshold as an individual investor. You may open an iProfile portfolio as long as the cumulative iProfile investments of all members of your household is at least $250,000


Q. Is iProfile available for my investment plan?

A. iProfile is available for the following account types: open (non-registered), RSP, spousal RSP, RIF, LIRA, LIF, LRIF, and TFSA. iProfile is not available for Group RSP, RESP or RDSP.

Q. How is the iProfile investment advisors performance monitored?

A. Investors Group worked with external advisors to develop a performance monitoring program for all iProfile investment advisors. The monitoring program incorporates quantitative factors like rolling quarterly rates of return, tracking error analysis, and various performance attribution analysis. It takes into account qualitative factors such as continuity of the investment management team, ability to adhere to stated investment philosophy and commitment to service.

Q. Are my iProfile fees tax deductible?

A. Your client advisory fees are generally deductible for income tax purposes with non-registered portfolios.
* contact your tax advisor for details.