Our Process


Following a step by step process, our team works to understand your whole financial picture and answer life's most common financial questions.

How can i pay less tax?

Are my investments right for me?

Will i be able to retire when i want to?

How much do i need to save to meet my retirement income goals?

Are my existing health benefit suitable?

Will my estate transfer efficiently and tax effectively?




Our team takes clients through a Synchronized Wealth Management process that allows client to understand their whole financial picture.  We Work with you to create a personalized financial plan, and will explore solutions such as tax efficient strategies, retirement planning, investments, incorporation planning, insurance planning and estate planning.



Step 1

Gathering Client data; explain services provided; personal financial review; outline of financial planning program; establish roles and responsibilities of the planner and the client


Step 2


Establish goals, needs and priorities; determine expectations and wishes; identification of issues and opportunities


Step 3

Examine scenario analysis; develop appropriate strategies to address issues and opportunities; review needs and objectives; compare current vs. recommended strategies


Step 4

Present and review the plan with client; identify projections, tactics and considerations; fill in paper work to implement the plan


Step 5

Comprehensive investment analysis; Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation plan


Step 6

Implement risk management and estate plan; review with management specialist; update wills and powers of attorney; coordination with lawyer; establish trusts


Step 7

Ongoing monitoring of plan; review progress; changes in personal circumstances; changing tax laws and economic circumstances


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