Corporate Seminars

Financial Literacy for Employees


Now more than ever, financial education matters. So now more than ever, it's time to address it – by giving a workforce the tools, understanding and motivation to take control of their financial lives. It causes a compound reaction: More productive people drive an organization's bottom line, and more confident people influence their families and communities.



At IG Private Wealth Management - Bootle & Associates , we believe that through financial education, we can help to improve your bottom line by keeping your staff engaged and motivated. Financial concerns are the biggest worry for employees and are often distracted and dragged down. 


Through our financial education seminars, we’ll answer questions like:

  • Can I pay less tax?

  • Should I invest in RRSPs or TFSAs?

  • What types of investments are right for me?

  • Is life insurance better than mortgage insurance?

  • If I can’t work tomorrow, where will my income come from?

  • How do I know if my savings will allow me to retire?


Your employees will benefit from knowledgeable advice, strategic direction and leadership in all financial aspects, tailored to their specific needs and goals.


Bootle and Associates helps organizations to:        


  • Drive Productivity and Growth - Enjoy the results that come from a more engaged, focused workforce

  • Optimize investments in Employee benefit - Reduce costs associated with employees under financial stress: healthcare spending and retirement plan loans and withdrawals

  • Improve Workforce Management - Help prevent delayed retirements by enhancing employees' financial security


This opportunity gives the employers a way to offer a value added benefit to their employees at little to no cost. This results in less employee financial stress, reduced benefit cost, and better workforce management. 



If you’re interested in joining the list of companies we have presented to we would welcome the opportunity to get together review our presentation content and a delivery strategy suitable to your business. Contact us today.