With an enhanced team-based approach that provides both local and national industry expertise, Bootle & Associates Private Wealth Management delivers an elevated level of advice and resources. We provide comprehensive wealth management solutions based on what is right for your unique needs, with special focus on the following key areas:


Investment Planning*

We are guided by a disciplined investment approach that leverages the combined talents of IG Wealth Management’s investments team and leading global investment partners. This helps unlock a world of opportunity, so you can confidently pursue your goals and financial well-being. (*Offered through Investors Group Securities Inc.)

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Business Succession

You have built your business to where it is today. We can help you plan for what happens next. A successful transition of your business is a critical aspect of your financial well-being. We can help you navigate the key decisions to help you achieve your goals.

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Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

The successful transfer of wealth between you and your children begins with a conversation. With the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in Canada approaching, it’s important to be prepared. We can help with that conversation and help you build a sustainable plan.

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